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Carsharing solutions

for a mobile world

Who are we?

Eileo, a Hertz company, has been at the forefront of the mobility revolution since 2002,

providing cutting-edge carsharing solutions for corporations, retailers and individual customers.

Today, our technology powers the carsharing products, pool fleet services,

and mobility innovations at Hertz.


The Eileo carsharing technology in action

book carsharing vehicle online

Use the website, mobile app, in-store kiosk, or branded online booking interface

unlock car with smartphone

Enter the 6-digit code on the pin pad located on the windshield, or use your smartphone to open the doors

short-term car rentals

The ignition key is inside the vehicle. You’re ready to go!


An ultra-flexible carsharing toolkit

The Eileo technology allows you to pick and choose from among our technologies and features so you can design the carsharing solution that best fits your needs. Mix and match to provide the customer experience you’re looking for.

carsharing tools
  • Solutions: pool fleet, retail partnership, B2C carsharing, integrated solutions

  • Vehicle access: smartphone, pin pad, access card, keyfob, car key, or a mix

  • Vehicle start-up: car key, start button, key card

  • User interface: mobile apps, ipad app, standard or branded responsive websites

  • Payment methods: bank cards, PayPal, SEPA direct debit

  • Application access levels: customer, fleet manager, administrator, etc.

  • Availability: Europe, Australia and USA


Our solutions

1)  Pool fleets

Looking to provide your employees with a pool fleet?

Eileo offers a comprehensive, customizable solution featuring a powerful fleet management tool

and a corporate-branded online booking system.

real-time pool fleet visibility
Real-time visibility

Get real-time visibility of the number of cars available at each location

optimized pool fleet
Optimized performance

Analyze your fleet to improve efficiency, reduce size, and generate vehicle usage reports

GPS vehicle tracking
GPS monitoring

Know when your vehicles are on- or off-location

automated pool fleet maintenance
Maintenance scheduling

Know exactly when upcoming maintenance and repair outage is due to manage vehicle down time

branded booking interface
Branded user interface

Offer your employees a branded, customized booking tool via website or mobile app

eliminate grey fleet
Gray fleet

Eliminate your gray fleet and mileage claims

2)  Retail partners

Want to set up a solution to reduce your vehicle fleet and delivery staff costs? Let us do it for you!

We provide you with a fleet of Hertz 24/7 vehicles that your customers can rent by the hour.

Our Retail Partner solution means business as usual for you.

We’ll fit into your customer experience so you can focus on your core business.

reduce delivery fleet costs
Lower fleet costs

Reduce the cost, size and management of your delivery fleet

Increased footfall

Increase customer traffic in your stores

reduce delivery staff size
Smaller delivery staff 
pool fleet
Vehicles for employees

Offer a pool fleet solution to your staff

Decrease the staff dedicated to home delivery

in-store vehicle booking
In-store booking kiosk 

Let your customers enroll and rent on the spot using our in-store booking tablets

Customer satisfaction 

Increase your customer satisfaction by offering a simple, more flexible and innovative solution

3)  B2C carsharing services

Why bother with the hassle and costs of ownership when you can share?

Customers can book using a wide range of tools, open the car doors with their smartphone, and drive!

At any time of day or night. The perfect solution for today’s urban travellers.

sign up for carsharing
Fast, easy sign up

Use our mobile app or website

carsharing by the hour
Book by the hour

Ideal for shopping, appointments or day trips.

Special rates for longer periods.

Unlock car with smartphone
Unlock/lock with smartphone

No waiting on lines to pick-up/return the carkey, which stays in the car

extend booking during rental
Booking extension

Extend your booking easily in-car after the rental begins

24/7 vehicle pick-up and drop-off
24/7 pick-up/drop-off

No rushing to the agency before it closes. Only pay for the hours actually rented.

drop off vehicle at different location
Drop-off at same or different location

Pick up at location A and drop off at location B (where applicable)

4)  Integrating with your mobility platform

carsharing solution integrator

Looking to expand the features of your current mobility solution?

Eileo offers two options:

  • You offer access to the Hertz carsharing network via your product

  • We enrich your current mobility solution with Eileo features

Our technical staff is available to support the integration process.

Contact us to find out more.

What is Hertz 24/7?

Hertz 24/7

Hertz 24/7 combines the power of Hertz and the flexibility of the Eileo technology.

Features include customer booking & account management, fleet management & geolocalization, reporting, and much more.

With Hertz 24/7, vehicles are available 24/7. No staff is required. No facilities are needed.

Two types of solutions are available:

  • Technology & Cars = We provide you with a fleet of fully equipped vehicles

  • Technology only = We equip your existing fleet




They're talking about us

Very sophisticated approach to van rental that is easy to use, with simple instructions that anyone can follow.

This is simply a great solution for short notice and/or short term car hire. No messing around, and I had to extend several times today which was very easy using the device in the vehicle. 

The booking process is simple and possible 24/7. 

The value for money is outstanding and the vehicles are in excellent condition.

I was very impressed by how smooth the hiring process was. Everything happened just as advised by email. I was kept up to date at every stage by txt and email. I found the service very professional.

B&Q UK customer

Ikea UK customer

Lufthansa pool fleet user

Costco UK customer


Come join us!

Interested in working in an environment that values:

  • team spirit, inclusiveness and diversity,

  • skills development, experimenting & learning,

  • a relaxed but focused atmosphere ?

Then drop us a line and tell us about yourself! We’re always looking for new talent to join our growing team.


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