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Zenon carsharing server
Zibox-LT GPS / GPRS / RFID / Bluetooth black box
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This is an easy-to-install, non-invasive, real-time and automatic system with built-in GPRS-GPS-RFID-GSM/VOICE-BLUETOOTH technology.

In other words, once this box is installed in one of your carsharing vehicles, members using the vehicle can make and receive hands-free calls using their bluetooth enabled phone; connect to the Internet in real-time without paying for international roaming; and get personal assistance at the touch of a button.

Zibox-LT's main features:

  •    RFID contactless smart cards replaces car keys;
  •    Intelligent Access Control allows entry & engine start only for the member booked for that time;
  •    Optional self-service mode, with synchronized list of access-cards;
  •    Best security with eileo's patented immobiliser technology;
  •    Mileage & trip reports generated automatically, and automatic end-of-trip detection if the vehicle is late to its car park;
  •    One Touch Button for push-to-call assistance over embedded modem,
  •    Optional personal hands free and GPS mobile phone navigation services over built-in Bluetooth;
  •    Link to Zenon server which handles every  event in real-time,
  •    Autocheck mechanism and Over-The-Air firmware
  •    Very low battery consumption, and 2 tier (low/very low) low-battery alerts

eileo embedded computer for car-sharing

The only non-invasive solution
GPRS connectiviy (PDF, 120kb)
One Button push-to-call assistance (PDF, 150kb)
Bluetooth capabilities (PDF, 121kb)
Zibox-LT datasheet (PDF, 373kb)


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